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Who Do We Serve

The targeted population of 24-O.U.R. House, Inc. are adult men and women 18 years and older, in recovery living in the Lake County area. 100% of the individuals  entering 24 O.U.R House are single, formerly homeless and living at or below the poverty line. 24-O.U.R. House, Inc. offers residents a healthy alternative to living on community streets or remaining in psychologically damaging relationships. We assist our client's transition from transitional housing to permanent supportive housing while in the program and help co-facilitator their goals. 

Our Story

24 Our House began with Richard Blackwell wanting to give back to others what was given to him (a second chance). While he was in treatment, he said he did not want to be homeless but instead in a clean and sober environment. Once he realized he wanted to run his own business, he decided to start recovery homes. He shared his idea with his friend George, put together a concept, completed a marketing class on business start-up, and began to see his dream of having a positive impact on veterans and all recovering addicts unfold. 

When coming up with a name, Richard wanted to incorporate the 12 steps and 12 traditions of recovery. Putting the two 12's together, he arrived at 24. He figured there are 24 hours in a day and this new recovered way of living takes 24 hours. Beyond that, he needed each participant to be included and came up with Our. All together it stands for "our unity in recovery" and we live together in 24 Our House.

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